We have been seriously involved in the Blockchain industry for a few years and thought it would be interesting to try to implement this technology in the commercial real estate industry. 

Our colleagues say that applications of Blockchain technology are basically unlimited, but there are still very few viable use-cases. We would like to change this with Primalbase. While we are not limiting our target group to technology projects, we would like to gather tech talents from the global community under the same roof. We have seen huge interest from venture funds, fintech companies, marketing teams, R&D teams as well as social media professionals.

Blockchain protocol is often called a “trust protocol” for its ability to eliminate middlemen and allow direct peer-to-peer transactions. This particular technology will acquire new interpretation in the real estate industry.

For example, areas such as property rights could be completely transformed. The real estate industry generates huge amounts of capital and can sometimes attract malicious parties. Blockchain technology has the potential to increase transparency, simplify processes, add a level of trust and just generally make the whole system more open, flexible and accessible.

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