Below you will find instructions on how to transfer your tokens from Waves to Ethereum blockchain. Follow only this instruction and don’t trust any other sources!

  1. Go to your Waves wallet and click Send Primalbase Token (PBT); this can be found in the ‘Portfolio’ section at or at their official desktop version. 

2. To complete the transfer form:

  •  In the section Recipient, input the following address —


  •  In the section Amount, enter the number of tokens that you wish to transfer. You can transfer any amount.
  • In the section labelled Description or Attachment, input your Ethereum wallet address without spaces and any other words.                              

3. Click Continue to check that you have entered Recipient’s address and your Ethereum wallet address correctly. Once you have done this, click Confirm.

4. You can check that your transaction has taken place by clicking on View details or searching for your wallet addresses on Waves Explorer or Etherscan

5. If all the instructions have been followed correctly, you should find your tokens in your wallet.

We wait for 20 confirmations on Waves and for 20 on Ethereum network, please be patient. Usually, it takes no longer than 15-20 min, depending on blockchain load.

6. You can now link your Ethereum wallet to your Primalbase account to book a workspace.

Remember to store your backup phrase and private keys safely and securely! 

If you have any questions, you can contact us via

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