1. Log in or Sign up

2. Choose how you wish to book: with Ethereum via leasing or with 1PBT if you are a permanent member. If you don’t know what Ethereum is and where to buy it, please read this article.

3. Choose dates.

4. Review your booking and confirm it.

5. If you wish to pay with Ethereum, send the amount of ETH required to the unique wallet address provided via transfer from your wallet or scan the QR code. If you have PBT, you don’t need to send any payments.

5. Your booking may take up to 20 minutes to confirm. Once it’s active, you will be notified by email and your booking will be active in ‘My bookings’.

How do I book an office?

Be aware:

If the payment is completed after the timer runs out, your wallet will be refunded. We recommend against using an exchange to make the payment. Instead, use a wallet like Metamask, Myetherwallet, or Ledger. Otherwise, we may be unable to confirm the booking or issue a refund.

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